The growing importance and centrality that marketing is taking on throughout the life of a company has pushed H Advice to implement the development of a dedicated area.

This Business Unit has allowed us to offer indispensable technical support to our customers, thanks to which companies are able to obtain greater visibility, thus improving the positioning of their business on the market.

Our experts are able to identify and offer the best marketing levers as well as the most innovative and effective communication channels for every type of activity, environment in which the company operates.

It is not enough to know what the company wants to produce, but what the consumer decides to buy. For this reason, the market analysis is a fundamental asset as it allows us to know, to segment and choose the goal to target. In addition, it promotes a correct balance between consumer satisfaction and the achievement of an adequate economic result.
Ultimately, the analysis of external variables have to be integrated with the analysis of the internal environment to identify those distinctive skills and abilities of the company that can generate benefits.